Download the Energy Optimization Toolkit

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has released an Energy Optimization Toolkit available for download.

Created primarily for manufacturers, the concepts and ideas presented in the toolkit are applicable to any organization wanting to reduce energy costs, improve sustainability, and increase resilience—including marina facilities.

For any marine company wanting to increase sustainability efforts and lessen impact on the environment, the toolkit can help in developing and updating energy and sustainability efficiency strategies.

Resources in the toolkit include:

  • Ideas on energy efficiency upgrades that can reduce costs without impacting production
  • Details on how one manufacturing company is saving $9,000 per month with LED lighting
  • 5 ways to mitigate rising energy costs and 6 ways to see if you’re spending too much
  • Benefits of solar energy and how to determine if your facility is a good candidate for solar

Click here to download.

For additional information, reach out to Tillie Fowler, National Marine Manufacturers Association senior vice president of government relations and regulator affairs, at

Published by
Joe Healy,
May 31, 2022

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